Aakruti Rangoli

Out of 64 arts, Rangoli is believed to be an ancient art in the criteria of painting, drawing or sketching. It’s a tradition to make a Rangoli for the celebration or for auspicious events and even for religious festivals. Rangoli can be the Synonym of the word Culture in our country. India is a country full of colors and we are proud to fill more colors in the celebration or in the events by making beautiful Rangoli.

Aakruti Rangoli came into existence with a thought to spread this ancient art. The college students, brahmins, artists and the people who love and are dedicated to this art, are connected with us. We are the Entity, from the Society and by the society because we believe that Art is a medium to connect with the society. The place we are from is Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India but we indirectly exist in the memory of an individual across the country as well as the globe.

To only spread the colors is simple but we make Rangolis on an occasion or in an event with our concepts, creativity and on specific Theme. Sometimes the concepts from the Ved - Upanishad  or  scriptures , we try to transform it in the Rangoli art so the seer or the person enjoying the beauty of the Rangoli will easily memorize the concept. This visualization creates an impact in the mind of the person and the concept or the Theme will last long in his/her memory. An art is the best medium of learning and we are just proving it.

As Rangoli believed as a sacred art, we generally make shapes like lotus-padma, peacock feather, peacock, fish, kalash or kumbh, shankh, chakra and much more. We are generally using the peacock feather and peacock in most of our creations as it is the symbol of the Colors as well, as an identity or as a sign or representation of Aakruti Rangoli.

We are promoting this art through workshops, exhibitions, demos, public events, personal coaching as well as sessions in schools & colleges. As an art reveals the potential of an individual, we try to reach as many people as we can.

Our main focus is on Rangoli. Besides that we also are in the business of Sand painting which is a permanent form of Rangoli. Additionally we also deal with all types of Canvas paintings, Wall art, Glass paintings, Mehandi, and Tattoos. Being creative, we love all types of art forms and hence we try to give our best to the society as much as we can.

Many Individuals, art lovers, artists, personalities, NGOs, Schools and colleges, event managers or organizers, social organizations, trust, institutions have supported us and have given their co-operation to spread and preserve Rangoli as an Art. We are thankful to them and we are also thankful to those who have directly and indirectly always been there in our support.