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"Rang" means Color which creates Rich and Colorful impressions in our Mind. The word Rangoli simply means Row or Line of Colors. For an Eye the color is the most important thing, through this sense we do harmony with mind and feel the joy. Rangoli created at your door step will enhance the beauty of the entrance and shapes a Lifelong impression to the viewer. The Concept or theme of your event – occasion in Rangoli art harmonizes the happenings - occurrences with your inner being with joyful experience. “Being Joyful” is the axiom of the existence and by the Art form we may prove it for the Society.....


Wall Art / Glass Painting

Let your Walls or Glasses of Home - Offices Speak loudly with the Language of the Colors. The Wall is involved in family as a member of the family because it is a witness for the happenings of the home, indirectly. By putting Art on the walls, you are making walls alive. For the events like Marriages, the wall also celebrating the occasion and creates impression to the Atithi – Guests and make them truly fill like “DEV”, as it believed that "ATITHI DEVO BHAVA". Spiritual Concepts on the Wall in Art form also improves in your meditation and inner Peace.


Sand Paintings

Rangoli is now permanent with our Sand Paintings. Colorful Sand will shine with Sand Painting of your "Loved one" on your walls. Its believed that the Sand is Sacred, the crystal grasps the energy more, we transformed the temporary Rangoli into permanent sand painting. It is embossed work which distinct itself from the simple painting. Additionally the crystals of the sand will Shine in the light which creates the richness of this art form.



"A picture is worth a thousand words". When we are worshipping the God we use Aakriti – Sketch (form) of the lord which connects us to the Supreme Power. Likewise the painting in the home creates positive vibrations. As per the theme of the room in your home and Offices, the painting will become the complementary element and makes the environment - space energetic and efficient. In wellness and hospitality industries the Paintings are always focused which makes their clients satisfied.


Paper Craft

Paper is the thing which is directly connected with us in our daily life. Variety of textures and colourful papers creates richness in the paper craft. We are making the greeting cards, pop up cards, paper hangings, paper lamps and birthday box cards which creates a rich impression to your loved one to whom you are gifting it . Additionally we are trying to make super realistic flowers like lotus for the decoration - adornment in your offices, homes, occasions, events and as per your requirement.


OffTrack Creativity

Diversities in services - activities keeps us upgrading in the dynamic field of Art. More than Rangoli and paintings we are dealing with other art activities and services too. An art means “Think Out of Box” but we believe in “Creating Unique”. An art cannot be bound by limitations of the objects, materials, resources, rows, stationary but it’s a representation of what we have and how we transform it into Interesting creation as per your wish and requirement .